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NCCN Guidelines for Patients™: Multiple Myeloma
Version 1.2012
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Part 5: A step-by-step treatment guide
5.1 – Multiple myeloma testing
Describes the tests used to find multiple
myeloma and plan treatment.
5.2 – Solitary plasmacytoma
Describes the treatment for a single mass of
myeloma cells.
5.3 – Smoldering multiple myeloma
Describes treatment for multiple myeloma that
isn’t causing symptoms.
5.4 – Active multiple myeloma
Describes treatment for multiple myeloma that is
causing symptoms.
Treatment excluding a stem cell transplant
Treatment including a stem cell transplant
Part 5 is a guide through treatment for people dealing
with myeloma. It shows what tests and treatments are
recommended under which conditions. This information
is taken from the treatment guidelines written by NCCN
experts for myeloma doctors.
Much effort has been made to make this guide easy
to read. Charts are used to list treatment options and
map the steps through the treatment process. This
information is also described in the text. Some words
that you may not know are defined on the page and
in the
in Part 8. More information about the
tests and treatments in this guide can be found in
Parts 2 through 4.
This guide is meant to help you talk with your doctor
about your options. It is organized by how much the
cancer has spread and by symptoms. Follow the
to find the recommended care for you.
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