NCCN Guidelines for Patients® | Multiple Myeloma - page 45

NCCN Guidelines for Patients
Multiple Myeloma, Version 1.2014
Treatment guide
Solitary plasmacytoma
to assess for a treatment response—an outcome or
improvement related to treatment. See page 45 to
read about the types of possible treatment responses.
Most of the follow-up tests given after treatment are
the same as those described in Part 4.1 for diagnosis
and assessing symptoms. Ongoing, frequent tests to
measure M-protein levels are recommended to check
the status of the cancer to make sure treatment is still
working. (See Part 2 on page 14 for more details on
each test listed in the chart.)
Next steps:
If test results show that the
plasmacytoma has come back after
primary treatment, local therapy may
be an option depending on the location
and size of the mass. If the cancer has
spread, see Part 4.1 on page 40 for
recommended testing.
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