NCCN Guidelines for Patients® | Multiple Myeloma - page 54

NCCN Guidelines for Patients™: Multiple Myeloma
Version 1.2012
Part 5.4.8 describes treatment options after an
autologous stem cell transplant. If there was a treatment
response or the disease is stable, you can choose
between maintenance treatment, a tandem transplant,
or observation. A list of maintenance treatments can
be found in Part 5.4.5. A tandem transplant is a second
round of high-dose chemotherapy followed by a second
autologous stem cell transplant given within 6 months of
the first transplant.
If the cancer returns or progresses, you can choose
between salvage therapy, an allogeneic stem cell
transplant, or another autologous stem cell transplant.
A list of salvage therapies can be found in Part 5.4.3.
An allogeneic stem cell transplant uses stem cells from
a donor.
5.4.8 Treatment after autologous stem cell transplant
Test results
Progressive disease or relapse
Response or stable disease
Tandem stem cell transplant, or
Maintenance treatment,
Salvage therapy on or off clinical trial,
Allogeneic stem cell transplant on clinical trial, or
Another autologous stem cell transplant
5.4 Active multiple myeloma
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