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NCCN Guidelines for Patients™: Multiple Myeloma
Version 1.2012
6.4 View of self
6.5 Taking care of your body
Healthy eating is always important. This includes eating a balanced diet, eating
the right amount of food, and drinking enough fluids. However, you may have
special food needs during and after treatment. A nutritionist—an expert in
creating a healthy diet—can help.
Many patients benefit from some exercise. Exercise tones muscles, lowers
stress, and improves health. Exercise programs differ between people based
on their needs. Talk with your treatment team about which exercises would be
best for you.
Some people blame themselves for getting cancer. However, what causes
multiple myeloma is unknown. Instead of blaming yourself, try to focus on
getting better. Undergoing cancer treatment can be hard. You’ll have a lot to
deal with without the blame.
After treatment, some people dislike their looks because of side effects.
Common concerns are hair loss from chemotherapy and scars from surgery.
It can be difficult to adapt to these changes. You may also be concerned with
what your partner thinks. Partners may stop showing their love because they
are unsure of what to do. They may also think of themselves as more of a
caregiver than a partner during treatment. Sharing what you need and want
can help your partner and yourself.
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