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NCCN Guidelines for Patients™: Multiple Myeloma
Version 1.2012
Part 8: Dictionary
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Blood chemistry test/metabolic
A set of tests that measure
substances in the blood that may be a
sign of disease.
Blood clots
A mass of blood that forms when
blood platelets, proteins, and cells
stick together.
Blood urea nitrogen (BUN)
A waste product made by the liver and
filtered out of blood into urine by the
Bone densitometry
A test that uses x-rays to make
pictures that show how strong or thin
bones are.
Bone fracture
A crack or break in a bone.
Bone lesion
An area of bone destruction or
abnormal tissue in the bone.
Bone marrow
The soft, sponge-like tissue in the
center of most bones where blood
cells are formed.
Bone marrow aspirate
The sample of fluid removed from the
bone marrow to test for disease.
Bone marrow aspiration
The removal of a small amount of
liquid bone marrow to test for disease.
Bone marrow biopsy
The removal of a small amount of
bone and solid marrow to test for
Bone survey
A set of x-rays of the entire skeleton
to look for broken or damaged bones.
Also called skeletal survey.
A mineral needed for healthy teeth,
bones, and other body tissues.
The “building blocks” of tissues in the
Central venous catheter
A thin, flexible tube that is inserted
into a vein in the upper arm, thigh,
neck or below the collarbone.
Drugs that stop the growth process of
cells in an active growth phase.
Chemotherapy cycle
Days of treatment followed by days of
Clinical trial
Research on a test or treatment to
assess its safety or how well it works.
Combination regimen
The use of two or more drugs.
Complementary medicine
Treatment given along with standard
Complete blood count (CBC)
A test of the number of blood cells.
Complete response
The end of all signs of cancer after
Compression fracture
The collapse of bones in the spine.
Computed tomography (CT) scan
A test that uses x-rays from many
angles to view a body part.
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