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NCCN Guidelines for Patients™: Multiple Myeloma
Version 1.2012
Part 8: Dictionary
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Stem cell harvest
The process of removing blood stem
cells from a person.
Stem cell transplant
Cancer treatment that uses
chemotherapy to destroy bone
marrow and then replace it with
healthy blood stem cells.
A drug used to reduce swelling and
inflammation but also kills myeloma
Supportive care
Treatment of the symptoms of a
An operation to remove or repair a
part of the body.
Systemic therapy
Drugs used to treat cancer cells
throughout the body.
Tandem stem cell transplant
A planned, second stem cell
transplant of a patient’s blood-forming
Targeted therapy
Drugs that specifically target cancer
Tissue biopsy
Removal of small amounts of tissue or
fluid to be tested for disease.
Total protein (urine)
A test that measures the amount and
type of protein in urine over a 24-hour
Replacing lost blood with new blood.
Treatment plan
A written course of action through
cancer treatment and beyond.
Treatment response
Outcome or improvement related to
Tumor burden
The extent of cancer in the body.
Urine immunofixation
electrophoresis (UIFE)
A test that identifies the type of
M-protein in the urine.
Urine protein electrophoresis
A test that shows the amount of
M-protein in the urine.
A biological agent inserted into the
body to prevent a disease.
The chain of 33 bones in the back that
protect a vital group of nerves.
A procedure to strengthen bones in
the spine with bone cement.
White blood cell
A type of blood cell that fights
Yellow marrow
A type of bone marrow that consists
mainly of fat cells.
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