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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Version 1.2014
Part 4: Lung cancer staging
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4.1 Clinical staging tests
Lists the clinical staging tests for lung cancer.
4.2 TNM scores
Defines scores for tumor growth and spread.
4.3 Stages of lung cancer
Presents the five stages of lung cancer.
Lists webpages about lung cancer staging.
If you have lung cancer, your doctors will want to know
the extent of its growth. Cancer staging is a rating by
your doctors of the extent of the cancer based on tests.
Cancer staging is used by doctors to plan which tests
and treatments are best for you.
Cancer is often staged twice. The first rating is done
before treatment and is called the clinical stage. The
second rating is done after surgery and is called the
pathologic stage. Part 3 describes the tests used for
clinical staging and defines the stages of lung cancer.
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