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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Version 1.2014
Part 6: Overview of cancer treatments
Common side effects of any surgery are pain, swelling,
and scars. Pain can be significant after lung surgery.
Pain and swelling often fade away in the weeks following
surgery. Numbness near the surgical area may be long-
lasting. There is a chance of infection, which may cause
pneumonia. There’s also a chance for pneumothorax.
Not all side effects of surgery are listed here. Please ask
your treatment team for a complete list of common and
rare side effects. If a side effect bothers you, tell your
treatment team. There may be ways to help you feel
Order of treatments
Most people with lung cancer will have more than one treatment. When and why treatments are given can be hard
to understand. Part 7 gives full details. Here, the terms that describe the order of treatments are explained.
Neoadjuvant treatment
Neoadjuvant treatment is used
to shrink large tumors before
Primary treatment
The main treatment used to rid
your body of cancer is called
the primary treatment.
Adjuvant treatment
Adjuvant treatment is given
to kill any cancer cells left
behind after primary treatment
given to cure the disease.
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