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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Version 1.2014
Part 7: Treatment by cancer stage
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Read Part 6 for a full
description of lung
cancer treatments.
lymph node:
A group of
disease-fighting cells
The chest
area between the lungs
Within the neck
the collar bone
surgical margin:
normal-looking tissue
around a tumor
N2 disease may be found by tests given before treatment. In this case, chemoradiation
alone is strongly recommended. If surgery is desired, another option is to first
have chemotherapy with or without radiation therapy. If this treatment stops cancer
growth, surgery can be done. After surgery, you may have chemotherapy followed by
radiation therapy if you didn’t have it before. If there’s cancer growth in or near the
lung, radiation therapy (if you didn’t have it before) with or without chemotherapy is
Stage IIIB includes T4 tumors with N2 disease and any tumor with N3 disease.
Surgery is hardly ever an option for stage IIIB cancers. Instead, chemoradiation is
strongly recommended.
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