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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Version 1.2014
Part 7: Treatment by cancer stage
Treatment using
radiofrequency to destroy
cancer cells
Removal of small
amounts of tissue or fluid to
be tested for disease
Histologic subtype:
type of cancer based on
the traits of the cells
lymph node:
A group of
disease-fighting cells
Primary tumor:
The first
mass of cancer cells in the
Supportive care:
Treatment for symptoms
of a disease
surgical margin:
normal-looking tissue
around a tumor
Read Part 6 for a
description of lung
cancer treatments.
In either case, a second surgery followed by chemotherapy is an option. The
second option for cancer not seen with the naked eye is chemoradiation.
Chemotherapy may be given at the same time as radiation (concurrent) or
beforehand (sequential). Concurrent chemoradiation is the second option for
cancer seen with the naked eye.
If you have neoadjuvant treatment, surgery will follow. Adjuvant treatment is
not needed if the surgical margins are cancer-free. If the margins have cancer,
a second surgery to remove the cancer is recommended.
Some T4 tumors with N0 or N1 disease can’t be removed by surgery because
of their size or extent of invasion. Surgery is also not recommended for
invasive T3 tumors with N2 disease and all stage IIIB tumors. In these cases,
chemoradiation is recommended.
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