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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Version 1.2014
Part 9: Dictionary
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Image-guided radiation therapy
Radiation therapy that uses imaging
tests during treatment to better target
the tumor.
Intensity-modulated radiation
therapy (IMRT)
Radiation therapy that uses small
beams of different strengths based on
the thickness of the tissue.
Internal radiation therapy
Radiation received from a radioactive
object placed near or in the tumor.
Intrapulmonary nodes
Groups of disease-fighting cells in the
lungs around the small airways.
Invasive tumor
A mass of cancer cells that has grown
from one structure into another.
Large-cell lung carcinoma
A lack of features to classify the
cancer as any other carcinoma.
A clearly seen division in the lungs.
Surgical removal of an entire lobe.
Local metastasis
The spread of cancer cells from the
first tumor to a nearby site.
Low-dose computed tomography
A test that uses little amounts of
radiation to make pictures of inside
the body.
A clear fluid containing white
blood cells.
Lymph node
Small groups of special disease-
fighting cells located throughout the
Lymph node dissection
All groups of disease-fighting cells
are removed from a cluster.
Lymph node sampling
One group of disease-fighting cells is
removed from a cluster.
Lymph vessels
Tube-shaped ducts that carry lymph
throughout the body.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
A test that uses radio waves and
powerful magnets to see the shape
and function of body parts.
Maintenance treatment
Treatment given to continue good
treatment results.
Mediastinal nodes
Groups of disease-fighting cells in the
middle of the chest.
Mediastinal pleura
The lining of the lung at the center
of the chest.
A thin, long tube fitted with tools to
work inside the chest.
Use of a thin tool inserted above the
breastbone to do work in the middle
of the chest.
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