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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Version 1.2014
Part 9: Dictionary
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Subcarinal nodes
Groups of disease-fighting cells below
the windpipe.
Superior sulcus tumor
A mass of cancer cells at the top of
the lung that has grown into the chest
Supportive care
Treatment for symptoms of a disease.
Supraclavicular nodes
Groups of disease-fighting cells above
the collarbone.
Surgical margin
The normal tissue around the tumor
removed during surgery.
Switch maintenance
All first-line drugs are stopped and a
new drug is started.
Targeted therapy
Drugs that stop the growth process
specific to cancer cells.
Use of a needle inserted between the
ribs to remove fluid around the lungs.
Thoracic inlet
The center of a ring of bones at the
top of the ribcage.
Thoracic surgeon
A doctor who’s an expert in surgery
within the chest.
Use of thin tools inserted between
the ribs to do work in the chest.
Surgery done through a large cut to
remove all or part of the lungs.
Three-dimensional conformal
radiation therapy (3D-CRT)
Radiation therapy that uses beams
that match the shape of the tumor.
The airway between the throat and
bronchi; also called the windpipe.
An overgrowth of cells.
A test that uses sound waves to take
pictures of the inside of the body.
A silvery-white metallic chemical.
Video-assisted thoracic surgery
Use of thin tools inserted between the
ribs to do work in the chest.
Visceral pleura
The inner layer of the lining around
the lungs.
Wedge resection
Surgical removal of a small part
of a lobe.
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