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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Ovarian cancer
Version 1.2013
About this booklet
Its purpose
Learning that you have cancer can be overwhelming. The goal of this booklet is to help you get
the best cancer treatment. It presents which tests and treatments are recommended by experts
in ovarian cancer.
Supported by the NCCN Foundation
The NCCN Foundation supports the mission of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network
) to improve the care of patients with cancer. One of its aims is to raise funds to
create a library of booklets for patients. Learn more about the NCCN Foundation at
The source of the information
NCCN is a not-for-profit network of 23 of the world’s leading cancer centers. Experts from NCCN have
written treatment guidelines for ovarian cancer doctors. These treatment guidelines suggest what the
best practice is for cancer care. The information in this booklet is based on these guidelines.
For more information
This booklet focuses on the treatment of ovarian cancer. This booklet does not discuss primary
peritoneal and Fallopian tube cancers, although these cancers are treated the same as ovarian
cancer. The full library of patient booklets can be found on
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