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Part 5: Treatment with cancer drugs
NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Ovarian cancer
Version 1.2013
The chart on page 49 describes additional treatment
recommendations for stage II, III, and IV ovarian cancer
after primary chemotherapy. Joining a clinical trial is
always an option after primary chemotherapy. A clinical
trial is a type of research that studies how safe and
helpful new tests or treatments are. (Clinical trials are
discussed on page 51.) Talking with your treatment team,
family, and friends can help you decide if a clinical trial is
right for you.
If you had a complete response, observation with follow-
up tests is an option. Another option is maintenance
treatment with paclitaxel, a chemotherapy drug.
Maintenance treatment is chemotherapy given to keep
(maintain) a good treatment response. For maintenance
treatment, paclitaxel is given in a vein on Day 1 of a
28-day cycle for a total of 12 cycles. Not all doctors
recommend paclitaxel maintenance treatment, and it
is important to discuss the benefits and risks with your
If you had a partial response, observation with follow-up
tests is an option. Another option is to start recurrence
treatment. Recurrence treatment is treatment given for
cancer that only partially responded to treatment or came
back after a complete response.
For persistent or progressive disease, you may receive
recurrence treatment or supportive care (also called
palliative care) only. Supportive care treats cancer
symptoms and treatment side effects, but does not treat
the cancer itself.
Next steps:
For follow-up recommendations after
primary or additional treatment, see page 55. For
recurrence treatment recommendations, see page 59.
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