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Part 7: Recurrence treatment
NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Ovarian cancer
Version 1.2013
Side effects
Targeted therapy:
Bevacizumab (sold as Avastin
) is a targeted therapy drug sometimes given with
chemotherapy to treat ovarian cancer. Bleeding and blood clots are less common, but they are serious
side effects of bevacizumab. Common side effects of bevacizumab include:
• High blood pressure,
• Feeling tired or weak,
• Low white blood cell count,
• Loss of appetite,
• Diarrhea,
• Mouth sores, and
• Headache.
Hormone therapy:
Side effects of hormone therapy vary depending on the drug, amount taken, length of
treatment, and the person. Common side effects of hormone therapy drugs for ovarian cancer include:
• Hot flashes,
• Muscle and joint pain,
• High cholesterol,
• Decreased libido,
• Vaginal discharge, and
• Swelling in feet, ankles, or hands.
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