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Cancer grade
How closely the cancer cells look like
normal cells.
Cancer stage
The rating of the growth and spread
of cancer.
Cancer staging
Grouping of cancer according to how
far it has spread in the body.
Cells that invade (grow into) and
destroy nearby tissue and spread to
other parts of the body. Also called
A flexible tube inserted in the body to
give treatments, or drain fluid from the
Cell subtypes
Different types of ovarian cancer
cells that are grouped based on how
the cells look when viewed with a
The “building blocks” of tissues in
the body.
The lower end of the uterus (where
babies grow during pregnancy) that
connects to the vagina (canal from the
uterus to outside the body).
Drugs that kill all cells that grow
rapidly, including normal cells and
cancer cells.
Chemotherapy cycle
Days of treatment followed by days
of rest.
Clear cell
An ovarian cancer cell subtype that is
more aggressive (more likely to grow
and spread).
Clinical relapse
The presence of physical signs or
symptoms that cancer has come back
after responding to treatment.
Clinical stage
The rating of the extent of cancer
based on tests before treatment.
Clinical trial
Research on a test or treatment to
assess its safety or how well it works.
An organ that changes eaten food
from a liquid into a solid form.
Combination chemotherapy
The use of two or more chemotherapy
Combination regimen
The use of two or more drugs.
Complete blood count (CBC)
A test of the number of blood cells.
Complete response
The end of all signs of cancer after
Completion surgery
Surgery that removes the remaining
ovary (or ovaries), Fallopian tube(s),
and uterus, and possibly the
omentum, nearby supporting tissue,
and any remaining cancer that can
be seen.
Computed tomography (CT) scan
A test that combines many x-rays
taken from different angles to make a
picture of the inside of the body.
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