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Part 10: Dictionary
NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Ovarian cancer
Version 1.2013
The pair of organs in females that
make eggs and hormones.
Palliative care
Treatment for symptoms of a disease.
Also called supportive care.
An organ that makes digestive fluids
and chemicals to control blood sugar.
Pap test
A procedure in which cells are
removed from the cervix (lower part
of the uterus) to be looked at with a
microscope for signs of disease.
Use of a thin tube or needle inserted
through the skin of the belly to remove
a sample of fluid to test for disease.
Partial response
When some, but not all, signs
and symptoms of cancer have
disappeared after treatment.
Pathologic stage
The rating the extent of cancer based
on tests after surgery.
A doctor who’s an expert in testing
cells and tissue to find disease.
Pathology report
A document with information about
cancer cells and tissue that were
removed from the body and tested for
signs of disease.
The area between the hip bones.
When menstrual periods become less
frequent leading up to menopause (12
or more months without a menstrual
period) when a woman is no longer
able to have babies.
Peritoneal cavity
Area inside the belly area (abdomen)
that contains the abdominal organs
such as the intestines, stomach, and
Peritoneal washings
A special liquid that is tested for
cancer cells after it is used to “wash”
the inside of the belly area called the
peritoneal cavity.
The tissue lining the inside of the belly
area (abdomen).
Persistent disease
Cancer that continued to grow and/or
spread during treatment.
Physical exam
A review of the body by a health
expert for signs of disease.
A fake medicine that has no active
Platinum chemotherapy
Treatment with chemotherapy drugs
that are made with platinum.
Platinum-based chemotherapy
Treatment with two or more drugs
when the main chemotherapy drug is
made with platinum.
The cancer doesn’t respond
(doesn’t improve or go away) to
a chemotherapy drug made with
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