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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Prostate Cancer
Version 1.2014
Part 2: Cancer staging
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Imaging test:
A test that
makes pictures of the
insides of the body
External sphincter:
Muscle that controls the
flow of urine from the
bladder through the urethra
Levator muscles:
that support the prostate
and control the flow of urine
The spread
of cancer cells from the first
tumor to another site
Pelvic wall:
A layer of
muscles and tissue that
helps organs in the pelvis
to stay in place
The last part of
the large intestine
Read Part 1 for other
definitions of tissues
inornear theprostate.
M = Metastasis
The M category tells you if the cancer has spread to distant sites. Para-aortic,
common iliac, inguinal, supraclavicular, scalene, and cervical lymph nodes are distant
from the prostate. These nodes are shown in Figure 5. Prostate cancer tends to
metastasize to bone then the lungs and liver. M scores for prostate cancer include:
means it is unknown if cancer has spread to distant sites.
means that there is no growth to distant sites.
means that the cancer has spread to distant sites.
is cancer that has spread to distant lymph nodes.
is cancer that has spread to bone(s).
is cancer that has spread to distant organs.
Figure 5. Nearby and distant lymph nodes
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= Digital rectal exam
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