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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Prostate Cancer
Version 1.2014
Part 7: Treatment for advanced cancer
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7.1 ADT for first-time users
Presents options for ADT if you’ve never used
it before.
7.2 Castration-recurrent cancer without
Presents treatment options for local cancer
growth after first-time ADT.
7.3 Castration-recurrent cancer with
Presents treatment options for distant cancer
growth after first-time ADT.
Part 7 is a guide to treatment for advanced disease.
Advanced disease can’t be cured by surgical treatment
or radiation therapy. Instead, there are treatments that
can control cancer growth for long periods of time. The
information in this guide is taken from the treatment
guidelines written by NCCN experts for prostate cancer
doctors. However, your doctors may suggest other tests
and treatments based on your health and personal
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