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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Prostate Cancer
Version 1.2014
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Part 8: Making treatment decisions
Support groups
Besides talking to health experts, it may help to talk to
patients who have walked in your shoes. Support groups
often consist of people at different stages of treatment.
Some may be in the process of deciding while others
may be finished with treatment. At support groups, you
can ask questions and hear about the experiences of
other patients.
Compare benefits and downsides
Every treatment option has benefits and downsides.
Consider these when deciding which option is best for
you. Some outcomes for each option are listed next.
There may be other outcomes than those listed here.
Benefits and downsides
Active surveillance
Avoid treatment that may not be needed*
Cancer may spread*/Miss chance to cure cancer
Avoid side effects of treatment*
Greater anxiety when not treated*
Maintain your quality of life*
Frequent doctor’s visits and tests*
Lower initial costs
Long-term results of untreated prostate cancer aren’t known
New treatments may become available*
*Applies to observation too
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