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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Prostate Cancer
Version 1.2014
Part 2: Cancer staging
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2.1 Prostate-specific antigen
Describes the levels of a protein made by
prostate cells and found in blood.
2.2 Digital rectal exam
Describes a physical exam of the prostate.
2.3 Prostate biopsy
Describes how tissue samples from the prostate
are removed for testing.
2.4 Gleason score
Explains the grading system of prostate cancer.
2.5 TNM scores
Defines the system used to rate the extent
of cancer.
2.6 Tools
Lists helpful webpages along with questions
to ask your doctor about tests.
Cancer staging is a rating by your doctors of how far the
cancer has grown and spread. The rating is based on
test results. Doctors plan additional tests and treatment
based on how much the cancer has grown. In Part 2,
the tests and scoring system used for cancer staging
are explained.
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