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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
Stages I and II Breast Cancer, Version 1.2014
Breast cancer
Risk factors for mesothelioma
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Local treatments target cancer in one
area of the body. Surgery is a local
treatment for breast cancer. Part 3
describes the types of surgery used for
clinical stages I and II breast cancer
and the deciding factors doctors use
to plan who may have which surgery.
Also, the recommendations for breast
reconstruction are presented.
Surgeries of breast tumors
Removing breast tumors
Lumpectomy and mastectomy are two surgeries that
remove cancer in the breast. Lumpectomy removes
the breast tumor and some normal tissue around the
edge of the tumor. This normal tissue is called the
surgical margin. A mastectomy removes either a large
part of or the whole breast. Before either surgery, you
will be asked to stop eating, drinking, and taking some
medicines for a short period of time. If you smoke, it is
important to stop to get the best treatment results.
Before the lumpectomy, you will be given local or
general anesthesia. As shown in
Figure 5
, the tumor
is often removed through a C-shaped cut into the
breast. This cut allows the breast to heal faster.
A lumpectomy is usually finished within 15 to 40
minutes. Afterward, a tube may be placed in your
breast to drain fluid.
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22 Surgeries o brea t um rs
24 hich breast surgery can I have?
27 Surgeries of lymph nodes
28 Which lymph node surgery should I
29 Side effects of cancer surgery
30 Breast reconstruction
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