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Stages I and II Breast Cancer, Version 1.2014
Breast cancer
Risk factors for mesothelioma
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Some women with stage I or II breast
cancer will receive chemotherapy with
or without HER2 inhibitors. These drugs
may be given before or after surgery.
If given before surgery, they are called neoadjuvant
(or preoperative) treatment. Neoadjuvant treatment is
discussed on page 25. If given after surgery, they are
called adjuvant treatment.
Of importance, you should not have chemotherapy
if you are in the first three months of pregnancy. In
Part 4, other deciding factors of who should have
adjuvant chemotherapy are discussed. Also, the
chemotherapy drugs that are recommended for
neoadjuvant and adjuvant treatment are listed.
Adjuvant chemotherapy
Chemotherapy after surgery
Chemotherapy is given after surgery to lower the
chances of breast cancer returning outside the
breast. How likely it is that the cancer will return
differs among women. Doctors predict the return of
cancer based on features of the cancer and research
results. If you had neoadjuvant treatment, complete
the full dose if you didn’t finish it before surgery. If
you did complete the full dose, you may need more
chemotherapy after surgery if any cancer left behind
grows. Read Parts 5 and 6 next to see if you will
need radiation therapy and hormone therapy after
completing chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy and
HER2 inhibitors
34 Adjuvant chemotherapy
35 Should I have adjuvant chemotherapy?
41 Chemotherapy regimens
46 Receiving chemotherapy
47 Side effects of chemotherapy and
HER2 inhibitors
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