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Adult Oncology

Special Expertise

· Translational research and strong clinical trial program

· $11.5 million breast SPORE

· $11.8 million brain tumor SPORE

· $11.5 million cervical SPORE (partner with Johns Hopkins University and the University of Colorado at Boulder)

· $4.5 million pancreatic SPORE

· Development of novel biotherapies such as cancer vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and immunotherapy

· Palliative Medicine

General Information

General Information


Referring Physician Line



1802 6th Ave. South

NP 2500

Birmingham, AL 35294-3300


· Hazelrig-Salter Radiation Oncology Center

· UAB Hospital (inpatient care)

· The Kirklin Clinic® (outpatient care)

· UAB Women and Infants Center (gynecologic oncology)

· The Kirklin Clinic® at Acton Road (satellite clinic with hematology/oncology and radiation oncology services)

Travel Assistance

Cab service is available for patients with no means of transportation, as well as bus fares. Transportation is coordinated by social workers.


Low/no cost housing can be arranged for patients in need. Housing is arranged through a physician/social worker.


Multidisciplinary Clinics

All Disease Centers listed below can be contacted by calling 800.UAB.MIST (800.822.6478).

· UAB Prostate Center

· UAB Breast Health Center

· Lynne Cohen Clinic for Women's Cancers at UAB

· Bone Marrow Transplant Unit

· Gynecologic Cancer Clinic

· Head and Neck Cancer Clinic

· Hematology/Oncology Clinic

· Radiation Oncology Clinic

· Supportive Care Clinic

Cancer Prevention and Screening

The UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center has extensive prevention programs, including the NCI-supported Deep South Network for Cancer Control, which focuses on improving awareness of cancer prevention and treatment in underserved communities. Many other projects focused on eliminating health-care disparities are sponsored by the Cancer Center.

Support Services

The UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center offers support groups and individualized counseling. Social workers also assist.

Supportive Care

Pain Service

Patients are referred to UAB's multidisciplinary outpatient pain clinic, which can be reached by calling 800.UAB.MIST.

Palliative Supportive Service

Supportive Care Clinic and UAB Center for Palliative Care can be reached at 205.975.8197.

Home Care/Hospice Service

Community hospice services are coordinated through the Center for Palliative Care.

Nutrition Service

Registered dieticians are available for inpatients and outpatients with special dietary needs.

Rehabilitation Service

UAB offers rehabilitation services.