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National Comprehensive Cancer Network

Site License for Technology Integration for NCCN Templates® – (1-year subscription)

This license provides for permission solely for the subscriber to utilize and/or integrate the NCCN Templates® into on-site Health Information Technology systems only. Please note that a separate subscription to the NCCN Templates is required in addition to the license to integrate.

For purposes of clarity, this license does not allow for use of NCCN Content for the development or commercialization of any commercial product.

A subscription to the NCCN Templates is required to purchase the site license. If you do not have a subscription to the NCCN Templates, please see NCCN Templates for additional information.

Users Price
1 – 10 $3,000.00
11 – 24 $5,000.00
25 – 50 $10,000.00
51 – 100 $25,000.00
101 – 249 $50,000.00
250 – 499 $75,000.00
500+ For groups of 500 or more, please contact us