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NCCN Annual Report 2016


NCCN Guidelines Derivatives

NCCN Imaging



Helps Patients

Receive Appropriate

Cancer Care

Each patient's needs are unique. However, nearly all patients have one thing in

common—they undergo imaging either before, during, or following treatment. As a

leader in setting the standard for quality cancer care, NCCN helps ensure patients

receive the most appropriate care possible with the launch of its newest clinical

resource—NCCN Imaging AUC


. Based directly on the NCCN Guidelines, the NCCN

Imaging AUC


are a single source for diagnostic imaging recommendations from


With access to these evidence-based recommendations, health care providers around

the world help ensure that patients receive needed and useful imaging while potentially

saving patients from unneeded or inappropriate imaging.

In 2016, CMS recognized NCCN as a qualified provider-led entity (PLE) for its new

Medicare Appropriate Use Criteria Program. With this designation, NCCN joins a small

group of PLEs who develop the AUC used to establish health care policy and decision-

making for diagnostic imaging in patients with cancer and other diseases.

NCCN Imaging AUC


were released for 35 cancer types in 2016. The full library

is expected to publish throughout 2017 and will also be available through clinical

decision support tools.


NCCN Imaging AUC


are available at