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Oncology Research

| NCCN Annual Report 2016


2016 Highlights

NCCN ORP was founded in 1999 to fund meritorious research

at NCCN Member Institutions and their affiliate hospitals

through collaborations with industry.

Advancing Treatment through Research

Ten clinical studies were funded at NCCN Member Institutions

in 2016, supporting investigations of a variety of agents and/or

combination therapies in a number of different diseases:

Four studies of mirvetuximab soravtansine in breast,

endometrial, and ovarian cancers

Three studies of bavituximab in hepatocellular carcinoma,

glioblastoma, and head and neck cancer

Three studies of afatinib combinations in lung and head

and neck cancers

Moreover, through collaboration with Pfizer, ORP funded

10 grants at NCCN member centers and other academic

institutions throughout the United States to study provider

performance and quality in treatment of metastatic breast

cancer initiatives.

Funding Future Research

To fund investigators in 2017, NCCN was awarded $2 million

from AstraZeneca to study osimertinib in lung cancer.

“NCCN ORP is pleased to be working with AstraZeneca on

osimertinib, an important targeted agent for the treatment of

EGFRm+ non-small cell lung cancer,” said Robert C. Young,

MD, Interim Vice President, NCCN ORP. “This project furthers

NCCN’s commitment to improving the lives of patients

with cancer by providing opportunities to identify additional

treatment options in lung cancer.”

Annual Poster Session Grows

Each year, NCCN ORP oversees the Annual General Poster

Session during the NCCN Annual Conference. In 2016, more

than 70 investigators presented their study findings, including

the 2014 NCCN Foundation Young Investigator Awardees. The

2016 studies included research on the following topics:

Clinical oncology (all stages)

Pre-clinical oncology



Best practices in implementation and use of

NCCN Guidelines

Quality improvement

Outcomes and health services research

Bioinformatics/Information technology sciences

Select poster abstracts were also featured in a supplemental

issue of



Sharing Resources among Members

NCCN ORP promotes collaborative research among NCCN

Member Institutions in various ways, including the management

of the NCCN Shared Resources Database, which grants

scientists and investigators at NCCN cancer centers access

to resources that will improve the ability to conduct meaningful

research. Through the NCCN Shared Resources Database,

investigators at NCCN member centers share unique assets,

such as complex technologies, instrumentation facilities, human

tissue specimens, animal models, and specialized databases.

In 2016, three new NCCN Member Institutions joined the

database, bringing the total number of participating centers to

18. The new participants are:

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center