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2016 Highlights

NCCN continues to work to enable its content through

digitization to permit ingestion into all types of technology

for use by all stakeholders. The goal of these efforts is to

help standardize cancer care information to the highest

standards across all EHR technology in the patient care

continuum. Indeed, NCCN supports the U.S. Department of

Health and Human Services’ call for interoperability including

but not limited to interoperable EHR technology. NCCN is

transitioning its Guidelines and other clinical information

products to database systems with properties linking concepts

to controlled terminology sets to normalize information for


In 2016, NCCN signed multiple licensing agreements for

integration of the NCCN Imaging AUC


in Clinical Decision

Support Mechanisms; these integrated technologies will be

available in 2017 to support clinical decision-making around

the use of imaging in patients with cancer based directly on the

NCCN Guidelines.

Distribution of NCCN Content

NCCN clinical recommendations set the standard for quality

care in oncology in both the academic and community settings

and significantly influence appropriate practice patterns and

prescribing behavior. To provide health care professionals with

this information, NCCN works with outside organizations for

dissemination of NCCN Content, in part, through the following


Pocket Guidelines: pocket-sized versions of the NCCN


NCCN Flash Cards: customized flash cards of select

pages of NCCN Guidelines and/or NCCN Compendia

Sponsorship of NCCN Guidelines formatted for mobile


Through collaboration with outside organizations, including

NCCN Corporate Council Members, an additional 99,500

sponsored versions of the Guidelines were distributed in 2016.

NCCN Corporate Council

The NCCN Corporate Council is an important resource for

the development and expansion of NCCN programs and

resources. NCCN offers membership into the NCCN Corporate

Council to significantly enhance collaborative efforts between

pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and NCCN, and

thus better serve patients.

In 2016, NCCN hosted two NCCN Corporate Council meetings

that engaged representatives from various corporate council

members in order to deliberate patient and provider needs and

identify avenues of support for such initiatives.


For more information about NCCN Corporate Council, visit .

Boosting Public Awareness of

NCCN Resources

To ensure the public is aware of the plethora of resources

available to the oncology community and the magnitude of

NCCN’s impact in the United States and around the world,

NCCN communicates regularly with various constituents,

as well as the general public through a number of different


NCCN’s communications outlets include electronic newsletters

geared to the U.S., global, and Member Institution audiences;

NCCN Flash Updates


; CME programming; social media,

including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; and a robust public

relations program.

Business Resources & Public Awareness

| NCCN Annual Report 2016

Panelists answer questions about the NCCN

Just Bag It


during a Press Conference on November 10, 2016.