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NCCN Annual Report 2016

NCCN Policy Initiatives

To the Moon

and Back

During the 2016 State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama announced the

formation of the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative, led by Vice President Joe Biden.

The charge: make a decade’s worth of progress in cancer treatment innovation in five

years. The execution will require synergy between a multitude of stakeholders and


In June 2016, White House Cancer Task Force Executive Director Gregory Simon

participated in NCCN’s Policy Summit:

Emerging Issues and Opportunities in Health

Information Technology

, which brought together some of the nation’s top thought

leaders in oncology policy to examine the industry’s preparedness for the Cancer

Moonshot—particularly concerning HIT.

Simon, along with his fellow speakers, discussed the importance of a public- and

private-sector collaboration and full government-led approach to break down HIT silos,

expand clinical trials, and improve patient access to quality cancer care.

Moreover, participants noted that as health legislation leans toward value-based

reimbursement models, the need for structured reporting is imminent, and data

sharing and system interoperability is vital.

Regarding patients, HIT today can be perceived as a barrier—a computer screen

standing between a patient and his or her doctor. The goal, noted participants, is for

HIT to optimize patient-provider time, aid in shared decision-making, and otherwise go



A full article detailing the June 2016 summit is available at