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At Our Core:

The NCCN Guidelines

At NCCN, our mission is to improve the quality, effectiveness,

and efficiency of cancer care so that patients live better lives.

To that end, over the past two decades, NCCN has developed

a collection of resources and programs to support and

educate stakeholders across the oncology spectrum, including

physicians, researchers, nurses, policymakers, industry, payers,

patients, and patient advocates.

At the core of all of these resources is our library of NCCN

Guidelines. First developed by visionary leaders in 1995 for

eight cancer types, NCCN Guidelines now provide sequential

management decisions and interventions for the treatment of

97 percent of cancers affecting patients in the United States.

Now as before, the goal of these Guidelines is to ensure that

all patients have access to the most optimal outcomes for their


Today, NCCN’s reach has grown exponentially, with 67

NCCN Guidelines that document evidence-based treatment

interventions and management, as well as detection,

prevention, and risk reduction; supportive care; and age-related

recommendations. The NCCN Guidelines are widely distributed

because we feel that stakeholders—including patients and

their families—need to be informed about available treatment

options. The Guidelines are developed by 52 volunteer panels

of more than 1,200 world-renown experts representing the 27

NCCN Member Institutions. Recommendations are updated

at least annually—but typically more often—based on the best

evidence available at the time of publication, as well as expert

clinical judgment. Our panel members are multidisciplinary,

disease-specific sub-specialists who are both clinicians and


Grounded in our mission, NCCN develops and maintains a

multitude of derivative resources to complement the NCCN

Guidelines. Products like the library of NCCN Compendia,

NCCN Guidelines with NCCN Evidence Blocks





, NCCN Templates, and the recently launched

NCCN Imaging AUC


, aid in decision-making, and our

impressive education calendar provides opportunity for

oncology stakeholders to learn about recent advances in

cancer treatment and health care policy, as well as updates to

the NCCN Guidelines.

Education from NCCN does not stop with professionals.

Through support from the NCCN Foundation


, NCCN publishes

a library of NCCN Guidelines for Patients based directly on the

information found in the NCCN Guidelines. These booklets are

intended to provide patients with the same information their

doctors use in easy-to-understand language.

Moving into our next 20 years, we at NCCN expect to continue

our aggressive growth, mirroring the persistent innovation of

clinical research and the oncology space as a whole, all the

while staying true to our mission to improve patients’ lives.