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NCCN Presents Awards for Service to Patients and Contributions to the Alliance

Katie Kiley Brown, Communications Manager, NCCN

Each year during its Annual Conference, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) presents awards to NCCN Member Institution faculty and individuals outside the member centers for their dedication to NCCN’s mission of improving the lives of patients with cancer. The 2017 awards were announced during the NCCN Board of Directors dinner held in conjunction with the NCCN 22nd Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida.

2017 Rodger Winn Award

James Mohler, MD, accepts the Rodger Winn Award. 

The Rodger Winn Award is presented to a faculty member who embodies Dr. Winn’s enthusiasm, love of life, and dedication and commitment to the development of evidence-based guidelines tempered by expert judgment. The award recognizes service in the development of the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®) program, promotion of collegiality in NCCN activities, commitment to excellence, and dedication to multidisciplinary care.

The 2017 Rodger Winn Award was presented to James Mohler, MD, Associate Director and Senior Vice President for Translational Research, Chair of the Department of Urology, and Professor of Oncology, Roswell Park Cancer Institute. In his current role with NCCN, Dr. Mohler serves as chair of the NCCN Guidelines® Panel for Prostate Cancer and as a member of the NCCN Guidelines Panel for Prostate Cancer Early Detection. Dr. Mohler also serves on the editorial board of JNCCN – Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.

“Dr. Mohler has represented NCCN well on numerous occasions in multiple forums. He has demonstrated his leadership and dedication to the welfare of patients and the goals of NCCN,” said Robert W. Carlson, MD, Chief Executive Officer, NCCN. “As a panel chair, he persevered through many years and versions and expansions of the Guidelines. Moreover, he is responsive to the NCCN Staff and his oncology colleagues regarding any issues, concerns, or questions about the Guidelines. On a personal level, he is known for his wit and acerbic sense of humor. He sometimes pokes fun at panel members he knows well and clearly respects, but more frequently, the object of the humor is himself.”

NCCN Board of Producers Award

Wui-Jin Koh, MD, accepts the NCCN Board of Producers Award.

The NCCN Board of Producers Award is given to individuals who, over the past year, have exceeded expectations and provided exemplary service in helping NCCN achieve its mission through their passion to improve the care of people with cancer.

The 2017 Board of Producers Award was presented to the co-chairs of the NCCN Guidelines Panel for Cervical, Uterine, and Vulvar Cancers: Benjamin Greer, MD, former Network Medical Director (retired) and Wui-Jin Koh, MD, Service Medical Director for Radiation Oncology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center/Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. While continuing to provide exemplary service is in the duties of NCCN Guidelines Panel co-chairs, such as Guidelines updates, NCCN Evidence Blocks™, Compendia, chemotherapy order templates, education programs, and JNCCN, Drs. Greer and Koh pioneered the development process for the NCCN Framework for Resource Stratification of NCCN Guidelines (NCCN Framework™). This process, requiring extensive travel and many pre-dawn conference calls, resulted in a new paradigm in treating locally advanced cervical cancer when radiation therapy is unavailable, which was adopted in select low-resource settings almost immediately. Drs. Greer and Koh also initiated the NCCN Guidelines for Vulvar Cancer, first published in 2016.

“Dr. Greer is a gentleman surgeon who has made a career of tremendous contributions and advancements without seeking the spotlight. He was a founding member of the Cervical and Uterine Cancers Guidelines panel and became chair of the panel in 2005.” Dr. Carlson further noted that, “In 2007, Dr. Greer recommended that Dr. Koh and he serve as co-chairs of the Cervical and Uterine Guidelines Panel. Dr. Koh is always self-deprecating. When suggesting specific language for the guidelines, he often reminds staff with an apology that English is his second language. However, he happens to be one of the most elegant writers NCCN has encountered.”

Partners in Cancer Care

Clifford Goodman, PhD, accepts the Partners in Patient Care Award.

Initiated in 2016, the Partners in Cancer Care Award recognizes an individual outside the NCCN Member Institutions who has made major contributions to the success of NCCN.

Clifford Goodman, PhD, Senior Vice President and Director, Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research, The Lewin Group, in his 20th year working closely with NCCN and giving generously of his extensive knowledge and expertise, is the recipient of the 2017 Partners in Cancer Care Award. Dr. Goodman has served on scores of NCCN expert panels, focusing on health care policy related to oncology.

“Dr. Goodman is truly a renaissance man in health care with expertise in government, industry, and non-profit organizations. He has an amazing ability to follow complex discussions and distill them in real time to the core points and frame them in a manner understandable by all—he has truly been an integral part of NCCN’s success,” said Dr. Carlson.