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2012 ASCO Poster Highlights NCCN Research

Sarah Bobiak, PhD, Biostatistician and Carrie Zornosa, MS, Project Manager

The recent ASCO 48th Annual Meeting held June 1 – 5, 2012, at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, featured an abstract accepted for poster presentation authored by members of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) staff. The title of the poster was "Prevalence of functional tumors in neuroendocrine carcinoma: An analysis from the NCCN NET database."

The study was co-authored by Sarah Bobiak, PhD, Biostatistician, and Carrie Zornosa, MS, Project Manager, NCCN, along with several NCCN investigators. Seven NCCN Member Institutions worked together to create a comprehensive database to characterize patients treated for neuroendocrine tumors (NET). This database was queried to identify patients with a confirmed NET diagnosis in order to describe demographic and clinical characteristics of NET patients by functional status at diagnosis. Among 1,244 NET patients, 26% (n=327) had a functioning tumor. Carcinoid syndrome (CS) occurred in 28% of carcinoid (cNET) patients, hormonal syndrome (HS) occurred in 22% of pancreatic NET (pNET) patients, 24% of NET not otherwise specified (NOS) patients, and 37% of adrenal NET patients. The majority of CS patients (74%), pNET HS patients (67%), and NOS HS patients (91%) had distant disease at diagnosis, in contrast to 31% of adrenal HS patients. Prevalence of CS in this NCCN database (28%) was slightly higher than the 10% previously reported in the literature. In contrast, the prevalence of HS among pNET patients (22%) was lower than previously reported. CS is believed to be related to and occur most often in patients with metastatic disease of the liver, one quarter of patients in this study had no hepatic involvement. Further analysis is needed to understand other potential contributing factors to CS among patients who present with no metastatic liver disease.

This research was sponsored by Novartis Oncology. To view the abstract, visit http://abstract.asco.org/AbstView_114_98670.html.