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NCCN Nursing Program: Advancing Oncology Nursing

Kristina M. Gregory, RN, MSN, Vice President, Clinical Information Operations

On Wednesday, March 14, 2012 in Hollywood, FL, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) hosted the 2012 Nursing Program: Advancing Oncology Nursing™. The faculty members for the program were nursing experts from the NCCN Member Institutions. The program consisted of several presentations, including risk assessment, treatment, survivorship, symptom management, and supportive care issues for patients with cancer.

The first presentation of the program outlined the challenges to successfully maintaining patients on oral therapy regimens and how nurses can optimize a patient's benefit from oral cancer therapy. Following this topic, there was a presentation regarding the current barriers to cancer pain management and new advances in pharmacologic therapy for cancer pain. The program continued with disease-based presentations for advanced colon cancer and lung cancer. A focal point of the program centered on the importance of understanding the role of predictive and prognostic molecular testing in the treatment of these cancers. The presentation also included symptom management issues that can occur with advanced cancers, which led into a subsequent discussion dedicated to the management of dermatologic toxicities associated with targeted therapies. Another topic discussed during the program involved common genetic syndromes that increase a patient's risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer and the recommended testing and counseling for identifying high-risk patients.

Concluding the program was a panel discussion regarding the role of the oncology nurse in survivorship care, including the physical, psychosocial, and practical challenges for the cancer survivor and examples of survivorship programs.

The NCCN 2012 Nursing Program: Advancing Oncology Nursing™ provided oncology nurses with comprehensive and clinically relevant information regarding the management of patients with cancer to optimize clinical care and patient education.

Topics from the NCCN Nursing Program will be available as free webinars with CE credits on the NCCN website. Check frequently for updates.