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Jai Pausch Speaks to the Value of In-Person Visits to a Loved One with Cancer in Latest Column

Megan Martin, Communications Manager

Acknowledging the emotional toll that cancer can have on friends and family of patients, Jai Pausch emphasizes the positive impact that their support and ongoing presence has on their loved ones’ well-being in her new “Ask Jai” column on Ms. Pausch, who since caring for her late husband Randy Pausch, author of The Last Lecture, has emerged in her own right as a nationally recognized spokesperson for caregivers, responds to a reader’s question about the decreasing number of visitors coming to see his cancer-stricken wife in this month’s column.

Ms. Pausch advises the reader that “it’s time to rally the troops” and remind his wife’s family and friends of the important role they play in her life. She notes that even a simple visit can have a lasting impact and make the patient feel safe, loved, and not alone. Ms. Pausch also points out the need to be sensitive to how his wife’s cancer battle may be emotionally overwhelming to her friends and suggests giving them an opportunity to talk about the experience and how they are coping. Visit to read the column in its entirety.

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Jai Pausch, who is a Board Member of the NCCN Foundation, welcomes questions from patients, caregivers, and the general public. To submit a question to the “Ask Jai” column, e-mail questions to