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NCCN and Health Information Technology Spotlight

By Christine MacCracken, MSHEd, BSN, Senior Director, Business Insights, Editor-in-Chief

The NCCN eBulletin editorial staff is pleased to continue our HIT Spotlight series to provide an overview of current official NCCN Licensees for use of NCCN Content in Health Information Technology (HIT), such as the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®), the NCCN Drugs & Biologics Compendium (NCCN Compendium®), the NCCN Biomarkers Compendium™, the NCCN Chemotherapy Order Templates (NCCN Templates®), and the NCCN Guidelines for Patients®. NCCN works with organizations through permissions and licensing arrangements to permit the use of NCCN Content in commercial products.

This week, we are highlighting NCCN Licensees that utilize the NCCN Guidelines® or NCCN Guidelines for Patients® in tools for patients and providers.


On Q Health offers care planning and clinical decision support technology that enables cancer clinicians to efficiently meet and document adherence to national quality standards. Our technology ensures clinicians deliver state-of-the-science care, encourages patient engagement and accountability, and improves clinician efficiency.


PatientsWithPower offers an online solution to help newly diagnosed breast cancer patients manage the overwhelming experience of an initial diagnosis, tackle the learning curve, and engage deeply in their own treatment planning. Our patient-centered service is an integrated communications platform for patients and their healthcare providers to discuss relevant medical options in the context of work, family and personal decision factors.