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NCCN Flash UpdatesTM: NCCN Guidelines® Updated

NCCN has published updates to the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®) for Lung Cancer Screening. These NCCN Guidelines® are currently available as Version 1.2016.

  • Risk Assessment (LCS-1)
    • Bullet 1, Smoking history: "present or past" removed and content elaborated in footnote "c".
    • Footnote "c" modified with the addition of the following sentence: “Smoking history should document both extent of exposure in pack-years, and the amount of time since smoking cessation in former smokers.”
    • Footnote "d" modified: “Documented sustained and substantially elevated high radon exposure.”
    • Bullet 5: Family history of lung cancer clarified as "in first-degree relatives."
    • Footnote "h" added: “Although randomized trial evidence supports screening to age 74 years, there is uncertainty about the upper age limit to initiate or continue screening. One can consider screening beyond age 74 years as long as patient functional status and comorbidity allow consideration for curative intent therapy.”
  • Risk Status (LCS-1)
    • Moderate risk and Low risk: "Routine" removed before "lung cancer screening not recommended."
    • High-risk group: “For patients eligible In candidates for screening, shared patient/physician decision making is required recommended, including a discussion of benefits/risks.”
    • Footnote "i" added: “Risk calculators may assist with decision making to determine if screening should be performed. Tammemägi MC, Church TR, Hocking WG, et al. Evaluation of the lung cancer risks at which to screen ever- and never-smokers: screening rules applied to the PLCO and NLST cohorts. PLOS Med 2014;11(12)e1001764”


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