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Coming soon! NCCN Trends™ Survey Highlights

NCCN is pleased to announce that summaries of previously conducted NCCN Trends™ surveys will be available in NCCN eBulletin Newsletters beginning in February, 2013. On a quarterly basis, NCCN will share summaries of previously conducted NCCN Trends™ surveys to keep readers informed of the patterns of oncology care, treatment preferences, and other key topics pertinent to oncology stakeholders.

NCCN Trends™ is a survey-based analytics tool from NCCN that focuses on how clinicians in the United States and abroad deliver cancer care. NCCN Trends™ Surveys pose questions regarding topics including, but not limited to, patterns of care, and awareness and utilization of various treatment modalities, as well as key topics impacting oncology stakeholders.

Data is gathered through brief electronic surveys to more than 200,000 health care providers who access the NCCN website on a frequent basis and express interest in responding to NCCN Trends™ Surveys. These clinicians consist of practicing physicians in diverse practice settings, including academic/research cancer centers, community hospitals, and private practices. Survey participants also include pharmacists, nurses, and other oncology stakeholders.

To learn more about NCCN Trends™ Surveys and Data, to commission a survey, or to discuss a customized survey, please contact Jake Guinto, PhD, Manager, Oncology Drugs & Biologics.