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The National Comprehensive Cancer Network Welcomes Dr. Robert Carlson as Chief Executive Officer

As the new CEO of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, the new year has special meaning for me and NCCN as a new beginning.  Having worked with NCCN for 18 years as a panel chair, my new role already feels comfortable, but does bring with it new challenges and opportunities. 

NCCN has just completed a year-long strategic planning process that has produced an energizing, forward thinking vision of what NCCN will be in the years ahead.  The NCCN Guidelines will continue to be the core product of NCCN, with a number of surrounding products and services that increase and improve the utilization of the guidelines.  Initiatives are in place to make the NCCN Guidelines more accessible at the point of care and more user-friendly for both patients and providers, as well as link them to treatment pathways. 

The international presence of NCCN will be reorganized to better serve cancer patients and providers globally, and to fully align NCCN efforts with those international efforts of our Member Institutions. 

And, it is likely that the number of NCCN Member Institutions will grow modestly over the next few years.

The success of NCCN is the direct result of the strength and quality of our Member Institutions, and maintaining the focus on cancer patient and their families as the cornerstone of our efforts.

Communication between NCCN, its Member Institutions, users of NCCN products and services, community, lay and professional organizations, providers, payers, and industry will serve us all well.  Please never hesitate to contact those of us at NCCN should we be able to assist you in better serving those with cancer. 


Robert W. Carlson, MD

Chief Executive Officer