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NCCN Guidelines and Compendium Updated

NCCN Flash Update distributed November 5, 2012

NCCN has published updates to the NCCN Drugs & Biologics Compendium (NCCN Compendium®) to reflect updates to most recent versions of the corresponding NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®):

  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), Version 2.2012
  • Colon Cancer, Version 2.2013

NCCN has published updates to the NCCN Guidelines® for Rectal Cancer and Colon Cancer. The NCCN Guidelines for Rectal Cancer are currently available as Version 3.2013 and the NCCN Guidelines for Colon Cancer are currently available as Version 2.2013.

Rectal Cancer and Colon Cancer

  • For patients with unresectable metachronous metastases who previously received adjuvant FOLFOX within the past 12 months: Primary treatment regimens were made consistent with therapy after first progression regimens on pages COL-C 1 of 9 and REC-E 1 of 9.
    The following regimens added: FOLFIRI ± ziv-aflibercept, Irinotecan ± bevacizumab, Irinotecan ± ziv-aflibercept, and (Cetuximab or panitumumab) (KRAS WT gene only) + irinotecan.
  • For patients with advanced or metastatic disease, regorafenib was added as a treatment option in therapy after first, second, or third progression, depending on previous lines of therapy. Best supportive care and clinical trial were also listed as alternate options to regorafenib.

Colon Cancer Only

  • The Discussion section was updated to reflect the changes in the algorithm.


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