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NCCN Academy is a forum for important, open discussions on many of the hot topics facing industry representatives today. In addition to these programs, we are pleased to offer the unique opportunity to customize an NCCN Academy agenda that best aligns with your organization's particular needs and interests.

Please use the form below to tailor a syllabus that will deliver the most pertinent information for your specific audience. The modules described below are available for inclusion or adaptation in a customized program, to be held at the location of your choice. If there are additional topics you would like the NCCN Academy to address, we would be happy to customize a module for your needs. Price is determined by number of modules and number of attendees.

The Business Side of Oncology
This module explores the business side of oncology.

Cancer 101
This module provides an overview of clinical oncology.

The Cancer Care Delivery System: Buzz Words that Will and Won’t Stick
This module explores “hot topics” in policy areas that will affect the use of drugs and biologics in the near future.

The Clinical Future: Orals, Targeted Therapies, BioMarkers, and More
This module reviews the impact of scientific advances on clinical practice, payor programs, and patient decisions.

Community Doctors and NCCN Guidelines®
This module illustrates cancer care in the community setting and the utilization of the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®) in this environment.

Informatics and Information Systems and Drugs and Biologics
This module focuses on a fundamental area that must be understood in order to appreciate how centers and practices make decisions about clinical interventions.

Institutional Decision-Making: Pharmacy Budgeting, P & T, and Information Systems
This module focuses on academic and community cancer center approaches to pharmacy management in cancer care including supportive care.

Issues in Personalized Medicine that Impact the Use of Drugs and Biologics
This module discusses the effects that personalized medicine has on treatment methods, payor decision-making, and market impact.

Meet the Experts: NCCN Guidelines Panel Chairs Address Hot Topics and Your Burning Questions
This module provides expert insights into the consideration and decision-making processes that result in the recommendations of the NCCN Guidelines®.

NCCN: History, Compendium and Guidelines Panels, Process, and Users
This module discusses NCCN history, goals, and future directions, as well as the development processes for the NCCN Guidelines and derivative products.

The Organization and Structure of Cancer Policy in the United States: Roles, Programs, Influence, and Impact
This module addresses programs and information products and their influence on decisions that impact access to and availability of drugs, devices, and procedures to patients. Included are programs and products from patient (patient advocacy), provider (such as ASCO and NCCN), and other groups.

Public and Private Payors: Process, Policy and Practice in Coverage and Reimbursement
This module reviews the use of coverage policy, reimbursement levels, preauthorization, patient co-pay, disease management, specialty pharmacy, and other payor trends with an eye to the types of data and information needed to achieve positive reviews and decisions from oncology payors.

Real World Trends Impacting Cancer Care – Cost, Reimbursement, and Policy
This module addresses trends impacting the delivery of cancer care, cost, reimbursement, and policy.

Structure and Key Decision-Makers in the U.S. Cancer Care Delivery System
This module describes the structure of and decision-making process for the delivery of care in the United States.

Use and Impact of Information Products on Decision-Makers in Cancer Care
This module highlights specific cases to illustrate the types and amounts of data needed to influence provider and payor organizations.

The World of Oncology: Terminology, Staging and Continuum of Care 
This module emphasizes how these clinical points impact the selection and use of drugs and biologics in various care delivery settings.

Working Effectively with Cancer Centers
This module provides insights into cancer center decision-making structures and illustrates working examples of effective partnerships with cancer centers.

Guidelines Pathways and the IT Superhighway: Impact on Drugs and Biologics
This module addresses trends impacting the delivery of evaluative information and the influence on decision-making about the use of diagnostics, biomarkers, drugs and biologics.

Information Needs and Investment Decisions on Wall Street
This module provides insight into the information needs and applications for those making decisions in the investment community about diagnostics, biomarkers, drugs and biologics.

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