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Guidelines Pathways and the IT Superhighway: Impact on Drugs and Biologics

Experienced Module

This module addresses trends impacting the delivery of evaluative information and the influence on decision-making about the use of diagnostics, biomarkers, drugs and biologics. This module may include the following topics:

  • Review of issues, programs, and trends in informatics and information systems from the provider, payor, and informatics perspectives including:
    • Systems in development and available for decision-support for clinicians in oncology
    • Integration of key information to support system recommendations
    • Views of academic and community clinicians regarding information and system needs
    • Strategic views of payors, including PBMs, on use of decision-support tools in management of drug/biologic use
    • Strategies of companies in marketing systems for use in precertification, pay for performance, quality evaluation, etc
    • Perspectives of major companies in acquisition mode for informatics companies