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Information Needs and Investment Decisions on Wall Street

Experienced Module

This module provides insight into the information needs and applications for those making decisions in the investment community about diagnostics, biomarkers, drugs and biologics. This module may include the following topics:

  • Discuss with investment and business thought leaders how the information needs of Wall Street are viewed and fulfilled
    • Where do analysts and investors go for scientific and clinical information to meet their needs?
    • What is the mix of information that is required when one is making a decision or call about investment and business?
    • Opportunities: scientific, clinical, regulatory, coverage, and reimbursement, etc.
    • How do pharma/biotech companies integrate the need to address Wall Street's information needs into their research strategies?
    • How is pricing of health care technologies factored into the decisions made by experts on Wall Street?
    • Is the fast pace of advances in oncology a challenge for all involved in information collection and analysis?