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The World of Oncology: Terminology, Staging and Continuum of Care

Entry-Level Module or Experienced Module

This module emphasizes how these clinical points impact the selection and use of drugs and biologics in various care delivery settings and may include the following topics:

  • A concise overview of the clinical course of patients from the detection of a suspicious lesion, to diagnosis, treatment, surveillance, and follow-up care
  • Discussion among expert clinicians regarding common terminology, important distinctions, such as clinical versus pathological staging, principles of staging, and the variety of treatment options (surgery, radiation, drugs and biologics)
  • Description, comparison, and contrast of cancer care delivery settings including academic cancer centers, community cancer centers, and community practices. This session will also focus on the issue of the type and quanta of data needed to support the establishment of an indication for clinical use of an agent. The clinical interpretation of clinical trial data (Phases I, II, and III) in oncology will be discussed and contrasted with that in other areas of medicine.