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The National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) has established the Affiliate Research Consortium (ARC) for affiliates of NCCN Member Institutions, giving community research sites access to cutting-edge research opportunities.

The mission of the ARC is to develop an integrated network of community research centers to foster innovative research by combining the diverse expertise of researchers from institutions of higher education and community partners to promote research efforts that will improve cancer outcomes for patients.

NCCN Member Institutions have varied research and clinical relationships with their community affiliates.  All affiliates of NCCN Member Institutions are welcome to participate in ARC. 

ARC promotes community based research efforts in a broad range of oncology research areas, including:

  • Outcomes and prevention research
  • Clinical research
  • Quality of Life research
  • Phase I - IV research

ARC Unique Qualities:

  • Wide Geographical Spread
  • Academic Institutional Oversight (NCCN Member Institutions)
  • Experience with all phases of trials (Phase I-IV, Prevention, QOL, Outcomes, Registry)

For additional information on the NCCN Affiliate Research Consortium, please contact the NCCN ORP at 215.690.0571 or ORP@nccn.org.