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Genetic/Familial High-Risk Assessment: Colorectal Panel - Disclosures as of 07/02/2022

Panel Member
(Spouse/Domestic Partner/Dependent)
Clinical Research Support/Data Safety Monitoring Board Scientific Advisory Boards, Consultant, or Expert Witness Promotional Advisory Boards, Consultant, or Speakers Bureau Employment/ Governing Board, Patent, Equity, or Royalty Date Completed
Lisen Axell MS None None None None 04/13/2022
Marian Birkeland PhD None None None None 03/08/2022
Carol Burke MD Emtora biosciences
Freenome inc
Janssen Pharmaceutica Products, LP
freenome inc
SLA pharma
None None 12/24/2021
Lee-May Chen MD AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
Genentech, Inc.
None None None 03/20/2022
Daniel Chung MD Immunovia
Iterative Scopes
Janssen Pharmaceutica Products, LP
Guardant None None 03/10/2022
Katherine Clayback MS,CGC None None None None 04/22/2022
Eileen Cucinotta None None None None 06/13/2022
Susan Dallas None None None None 01/03/2022
Susan Darlow PhD None None None None 03/11/2022
Mary Dwyer MS None None None None 06/20/2022
Seth Felder MD None None None None 05/13/2022
Francis Giardiello MBA,MD None None Steinberg Gastroenterology Board Review Course None 11/23/2021
William Grady MD Diacarta
Janssen Pharmaceutica Products, LP
Lucid Technologies
Guardant Health
WebMD None 05/31/2022
Kristina Gregory OCN,MSN,RN None None None None 03/27/2022
Samir Gupta MD Epigenomics
None None 02/06/2022
Michael Hall MS,MD Caris Life Sciences
Myriad Genetic Laboratories, Inc.
GRAIL None None 12/13/2021
Heather Hampel LGC,MS National Cancer Institute Genome Medical
GI OnDemand
Invitae Genetics
None None 10/05/2021
Rachel Hodan MS,CGC None None None None 06/06/2022
Gregory Idos MS,MD None None None None 11/19/2021
Bryson Katona MD,PhD Ambry
Janssen Pharmaceutica Products, LP
Universal Diagnostics
None None None 06/13/2022
Moh'D Khushman MD AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Bayer HealthCare
Taiho Parmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
Pfizer Inc. None 02/25/2022
Laura Lamps MD None Ibex Medical Analytics
Scientific Symposiums International
None United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology 05/19/2022
Xavier Llor PhD,MD None None None None 03/25/2022
Patrick Lynch MD,JD SLA Pharma SLA Pharma None None 11/26/2021
Arnold Markowitz MD None None None None 05/11/2022
Mariana Niell-Swiller MS None None None None 07/01/2022
Sara Pirzadeh-Miller MS None None None None 04/18/2022
Donna Powell CMD,DHSc,RT(T) None None None None 06/21/2022
Jewel Samadder MD Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals
Janssen Pharmaceutica Products, LP
Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals
Janssen Pharmaceutica Products, LP
Recursion Pharmaceuticals
None None 12/05/2021
David Shibata MD,FACS,FASCRS None None None None 02/09/2022
Peter Stanich MD Emtora Biosciences
Invitae Corp.
Janssen Pharmaceutica Products, LP
Pfizer Inc.
PTEN Research foundation
None UpToDate, Inc. Collaborative Group of the Americas on Inherited Gastrointestinal Cancers 06/26/2022
Benjamin Swanson PhD,MD None Cogen Bioscience None Cogen Bioscience 03/29/2022
Brittany Szymaniak PhD,CGC None "Technology-enhanced AcceleRation of Germline Evaluation for Therapy - The TARGET study" which has been funded by the Prostate Cancer Foundation. UroGPO None 03/31/2022
Jennifer Weiss MD,MS Exact Sciences None American College of Physicians
None 02/09/2022
Jeanna Welborn MD None None None None 04/29/2022
Georgia Wiesner MD None None None None 06/14/2022
Andrew Wolf MD None None None None 06/09/2022
Matthew Yurgelun MD Janssen Pharmaceutica Products, LP UpToDate None Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered (FORCE) advocacy group 04/29/2022