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NCCN Collaboration with the National Business Group on Health

Since 2010 NCCN worked with the National Business Group on Health to develop An Employer's Guide to Cancer Treatment & Prevention. The Guide addresses issues related to cancer across the continuum of care and features benefit recommendations that are supported by evidence, including evidence from the NCCN Guidelines. Users of the Guide can be confident that their benefit dollars are invested wisely and meet the needs of employees and their dependents who are dealing with cancer.

During 2013, the final components of the project were completed. They include a Cancer Resource Guide intended to help patients and caregivers understand key issues and make informed decisions as they face the challenges of a cancer diagnosis. It includes sections for those dealing with their own cancer, those dealing with a loved one's cancer, and those concerned about cancer risk. All of these documents are available for individuals, cancer centers, and cancer advocacy groups to download.

The project culminated in November 2013 and all the components of the Employer's Guide, including the Cancer Resource Guide, were posted at no cost on the Business Group on Health’s website.


NCCN is currently working to update the Employer’s Guide and Cancer Resource Guide. More information will be available later in 2020.