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Colleen Johnson, a five-year survivor of endometrial cancer, has set out on a mission. Between training and completing ultra-marathons at the age of 62, she works hard on behalf of all women to raise awareness of her cancer. For years, Colleen searched for reliable and understandable diagnosis and treatment information for herself and other women with endometrial cancer. She recently reached out to the NCCN Foundation® to express the dire need for an NCCN Guidelines for Patients® booklet for Endometrial Cancer.

There are thousands of people like Colleen whose lives are turned upside down by a cancer diagnosis. Patients and caregivers are forced to ask questions and make decisions that they are not prepared to make. Colleen summed up the need for patient guidelines so well:

"Have you ever had a doctor tell you that you have high-risk cancer, and you need to do this, and that, and something else? You sit in their office. Your head is spinning. Your gut is hurting, big time. The fear is overwhelming. You cannot keep up with what they are saying. You NEED another source for information—one that pulls it all together for you. One that is easy to read. One that you can read on your own time—or your family can read for you—when you are more relaxed. THAT is what the NCCN patient guidelines can offer cancer patients who have virtually NOTHING else."

Colleen Johnson
Endometrial Cancer Survivor and Marathon Runner


For Colleen and countless others, NCCN Foundation has pledged to add six new cancer types to the library of NCCN Guidelines for Patients.Today the library covers only 78% of patients, and we have a goal to cover 90% by 2018. We can’t do it without your help. With your donation, you will bring trustworthy information to patients like Colleen, empower them to make the right choices about their care, and ensure the best outcome possible for every patient.

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