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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer, Version 1.2017



General information on cancer in AYAs

General information on

cancer in AYAs

Web Resources

The 15-40 Connection

Not-for-profit organization dedicated to motivating

AYAs to take their health and medical care seriously,

to take action when they notice changes in their

health, and to be strong self-advocates when their

instincts tell them something is wrong.

Seventy K: Survival Up

Not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving

cancer care by educating patients, families, and

their health care providers about age-appropriate

treatment and the unique needs of AYA cancer


Stupid Cancer (The I’m Too Young for This!

Cancer Foundation, i[2]y)

The nation’s largest online support community for

AYAs affected by cancer.

Teens Living With Cancer

National non-profit organization dedicated to helping

teens live with cancer. This site contains teen-

oriented resources designed to help teens cope with

their disease and treatment and connect with other

teens on the same ride.

Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

Grassroots organization dedicated to supporting,

educating, connecting, and empowering AYA cancer

patients and survivors.

Print Resources

Kris Carr.

Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips.

Guilford, CT:

skirt!, 2007.

Written by cancer survivor Kris Carr (with an

introduction by Sheryl Crow), Crazy, Sexy Cancer

Tips is a rambling, very personal, often funny, and

incredibly useful assortment of tips from Ms. Carr

and her “cancer posse” of patients and survivors.

Includes tips on everything from picking out a wig

and a “cancer wardrobe” to how to select a good

cut of meat.

Kairol Rosenthal.

Everything Changes: The Insider’s

Guide to Cancer in Your 20s and 30s.

Hoboken, NJ:

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2009.

Written by a health care advocate and cancer


Everything Changes

uses the stories

of 26 AYAs with cancer (including the author)

to provide perspective, advice, and plenty of

information and useful resources for patients

facing the challenge of cancer and survivorship.

Heidi Schultz Adams & Christopher Schultz.

Planet Cancer: The Frequently Bizarre Yet Always

Informative Experiences and Thoughts of Your Fellow


Guilford, CT: Lyons Press, 2010.

Written by the same team that developed the

Planet Cancer website, this book is a truly

comprehensive guide to dealing with cancer,

from diagnosis to treatment and beyond. Filled

with first-person stories, humor (“Top 10 Worst

Ways for An Oncologist to Break the Bad News”),

and information on everything from dealing with

insurance companies to maintaining your sex life,

Planet Cancer

is a must-read for any young adult

with cancer.