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NCCN Guidelines for Patients



Brain Cancer – Gliomas, Version 1.2016

Other surgeries

There are other options if it is known before surgery

that a maximal safe resection can’t be done. These

options are a subtotal resection, open biopsy, and

stereotactic biopsy. The removed tissue will be tested

to confirm diagnosis and cancer grade.

Tests after surgery

Tissue removed by any type of surgery will be sent

to a pathologist for testing. The pathologist will

confirm if there’s cancer, and if so, the cancer grade.

Molecular markers of gliomas will also be assessed.

You should receive a brain MRI if you had a gross

total or subtotal resection. MRI should be completed

within 24 to 72 hours after surgery. Images will be

made with and without contrast. This test can confirm

how much of the cancer was removed. If you can’t

have MRI, you may receive a CT scan with and

without contrast.



Glioblastomas and gliosarcomas