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NCCN Guidelines for Patients



Brain Cancer – Gliomas, Version 1.2016



alternating electric field therapy

A cancer treatment that uses low-intensity electromagnetic

energy. Also called TTFields (Tumor Treating Fields).


Loss of feeling with or without loss of wakefulness that is

caused by drugs.


A type of glial cell that maintains the proper balance of

chemicals in the nervous system.


Removal of small amounts of tissue or fluid to be tested for


board certified

A status to identify doctors who finished training in a

specialized field of medicine.

cancer grade

A rating of how much cancer cells are like normal cells.

central nervous system

The brain and spinal cord.


Drugs that stop the life cycle of cells so they don’t increase

in number.

clinical trial

Research on a test or treatment to assess its safety or how

well it works.

computed tomography (CT)

A test that uses x-rays to view body parts.


A dye put into your body to make clearer pictures during

imaging tests.


To identify a disease.

ependymal cell

A type of glial cell that makes cerebrospinal fluid.

external beam radiation therapy (EBRT)

Radiation therapy received from a machine outside the


fractionated radiation

A treatment schedule of one time a day for 5 days for about

6 weeks.


Instructions in cells for making and controlling cells.

general anesthesia

A controlled loss of wakefulness from drugs.

glial cell

A type of cell that supports nerve cells.

gross total resection

An operation that removes the whole tumor.

hyperfractionated radiation

A treatment schedule of once a day or less for 1 week.

intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)

Radiation therapy that uses small beams of different

strengths based on the thickness of the tissue.


A mass of cancer cells that has grown from one structure

into another.

magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

A test that uses radio waves and powerful magnets to see

the shape and function of body parts.

magnetic resonance (MR) perfusion

An imaging test that makes pictures of blood flow in organs.

magnetic resonance (MR) spectroscopy

An imaging tests that measures the chemical make-up of



The spread of cancer cells from the first tumor to another

body part.

microglial cell

A type of glial cell that defends the nervous system from

disease-causing factors.

molecular testing

Tests of molecules in the body that can be measured to

assess health. Also called biomarker testing.